Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Burial Place of Sidi Ahmed Tijani (R.A)

“Visit this sacred tomb and pray at its mihrab”

“Thereat the deeds of doers, the more so, acceptable”

“And remember, therein, thy Lord, read His Book”

“And abide with what has been ordained by Him”

“And recite prayers upon the Prophet, and”

“Upon his noble family and his Companions”

“And make thy intermediary the one, whose nobility”

“Makes this tomb, excel over the rest”

“The Tijani, Ahmed the Magnate of guidance”

“The ocean of generosity & kindness to his visitors”

“By his rank & prestige ask thy Lord, thee wilt be granted”

“For thou art at the gate of His grace & favor”

"And make thy everlasting retreat"

"Devotedly worshipping Allah in its mihrab"

(These lines are incribed on the tomb of Sidi Ahmed Tijani RA)


Diário de uma muçulmana said...

assalam wa aleikum! i'm so happy because I found this blog. I'm from Brazil and I entered in Tariqa Tijaniyya one month ago.

I have a blog too,but in portuguese,my language.

Diário de uma muçulmana said...

Dear brother and sisters. I'm from Brazil I converted to Islam in 2005,my family is not muslim,just my husband. I live in a city that have little muslims. We dont have a mosque ,we dont have a sheikh and nobody to teach us. And the muslims here are poor,we dont have money to pay a sheikh. But I decided I'll bring a sheikh from here,insha Allah. city Goiânia,state Goiás,country Brazil. But I dont know how. Please help me every body. Make dwaa,make dwaa,make dwaa and do something.

assalam wa aleikum!

webmaster said...

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Anonymous said...

In Bujari Hadiths, Aisha tells that the Prophet said that edifying and visiting saints mausoleums or tombs, is forbidden. Sidi Ahmad Tijani told that everyting that didn´t agree with the sunna is false. Think about it..., perhaps most of us are buliding the temple from the roof and not from the basis.